Snow Heart 2February has arrived with colder temperatures and a lot of snow, but we can keep warm with thoughts of love as we snuggle under our beautiful quilts. In a month dominated by themes of love, we have two whole days to celebrate that beautiful emotion that bonds us together. Valentine’s Day: a celebration of romantic love, friendship, and parental love; and, here in Ontario, Family Day: a day off in the middle of winter to enjoy spending time with our loved ones.

Speaking of time, I promised to keep you updated on my quilt about time. What does February look like?

February’s birth flowers are primroses and violets. Appropriately chosen for a month about love, the floral meaning of the primrose tells the recipient that you can’t live without them – perfect to give to that person you hold dear. Likewise, the violet has a connotation of a “love that is delicate”. Its leaves are heart-shaped and thought to be used historically as medicine for the heart. A love that is delicate needs to be nurtured by spending time together, and that is good medicine for any heart.

Since primroses grow in a cluster, I decided to portray them in the quilt that way too. The flower petals were lined with solid white fabric to prevent shadowing and needle-turn appliquéd onto the background. The detailed shape of the yellow centers and the delicate scallop on the primrose leaves were accomplished using the Apliquick method for turned-edge appliqué. I love using these tools to prepare complex shapes before stitching.



The violets were needle-turn appliquéd and embellished with a hand-embroidered stem and double french knot.

Violets 1

Violets 1

Violets 2

Violets 2

This is February, in my quilt.

February 2

February’s birth stone is the amethyst – a gorgeous quartz stone blending the colors purple and red. I selected an ombre fabric, hoping to get the gradated hues I would need to create a faceted marquise gem.

Violet ombre fabric

Unfortunately, when I auditioned the fabric pieces on the quilt, they looked a bit too pink – especially next to the violet violets! I shall have to keep working on it. (It looks like the right color in the gem photo, but you can see the pink in the fabric photo.) The amethyst will be positioned at 2 on the “clock”: the 2nd hour, the second month.

Amethyst mockup

Quilters express love in special ways. We pour our love into our projects, and love for the person for whom we are making the quilt. In fact, love is woven into every stitch as we think about that person while we work. As you infuse love into your projects this month, may you also be encompassed by the love of your families and friends.

“We love because He first loved us.”

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