Crafter’s Apron with So Fine Thread

Lesson 106 from Superior University featured So Fine, the same thread that we used in Lesson 105. The difference was the weight. In Lesson 105, we made a memo book cover using So Fine #50™. This lesson, we were given So Fine #30™. This bright 3-ply polyester thread is lint free and extra strong for machine quilting, outlining, and heavier-thread embroidery.

Our assignment in Lesson 106 was to make a crafter’s apron using a sturdy fabric such as canvas or upholstery cloth. So Fine #30 is strong and works well with heavy fabrics. I decided to cut up a pair of old jeans and make my apron out of denim. There were two spools of So Fine #30 thread included in the kit. My two colors were 1104 “Sunflower” yellow and 1112 “Jazzy Jai” pink. Both colors looked excellent against the dark blue denim, but I decided to work with the pink since the yellow looked too much like typical jean stitching.

We were instructed to cut the main fabric for the back and the pocket of the apron. After turning under one long pocket edge 1/4″ and then 1/2″, were to use a decorative stitch along the folded area. Using a Superior titanium-coated #100/16 topstitch needle and So Fine #30 thread, the stitches glided through all those layers of denim beautifully. We added some pleats along the bottom edge of the pocket and attached it to the back apron piece. The edges were finished with a double-fold cotton binding and ties were made from the same fabric. I ended up lining the back of my apron to hide a seam from my jeans.

I couldn’t resist adding a little flourish across the top. Now I just need to get myself some pink “for a cure” tools to go in the apron!

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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Not one of my blocks! That flourish shape comes from the center medallion of “Flourish on the Vine”, as does my block “Capstone” from Vol. 7 of 100 Blocks. But I took the shape out of “Capstone” to keep it simpler and to add a second set of bias curves to create a secondary pattern.

  2. Isn’t that little “flourish” from a 100 Blocks block? I tested that block – I think. 🙂

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