Handbag with Flourish

The vertical borders on the quilt Flourish on the Vine feature a distinctive appliquéd motif between the swags. The motif was designed to fill the extra space caused by the rectangular shape of the center panel. Its proportions made it a good fit for the borders, but I wondered how else the motif could be used.

Then I came across the Grids and Grommets Bag by Indygo Junction. With a bit of measuring and planning, I discovered the vertical border motif would fit here too! The motif was hand appliquéd to a beautiful Stonehenge fabric first, then quilted and constructed into this handbag with flourish.

Here’s how. Following the Grids & Grommets pattern for the Large Quilted Version, cut a piece of purse body fabric as instructed. This will be the background for the appliqué. (The pattern calls for a 45″ length of fabric; I reduced this to 41″ to accommodate my fabric choice.)

Using the Vertical Motif on Pattern Pullout page 7 in the Flourish on the Vine Pattern Pack, trace patches V.8 through V.29 onto the background as follows:

Align the horizontal center 10.5″ from the left edge and position the motif 4.75″ from the top and bottom edges. If desired, baste a contrasting fabric for the underlay sections. Appliqué patches V.8 through V.29 in place. Complete the handbag according to the Grids & Grommets pattern.

To order the Flourish on the Vine Pattern Pack for $17.95, please visit my web store or C&T Publishing.

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