Instruments of Praise 2

The quilt Instruments of Praise was completed in the spring of 2009. Since my blog wasn’t launched until many months later, I haven’t written too much about the making of that quilt. But now, four years later, I find myself in the process of making the quilt again. So why not write about it now?

Why am I making this quilt again? One reason is that I no longer own the original one. As a result of winning the Bernina Machine Workmanship Award at the 2011 American Quilter’s Society Quilt Show in Paducah KY, the quilt now resides in the U.S. National Quilt Museum. The second reason is that the pattern for the quilt is scheduled to be released by C&T Publishing this July and I thought it would be helpful to have an actual quilt on hand.

Available July 15, 2013

But it took me two years to make the original quilt! How could I possibly make another one in less than a year? I would need help. As many of you already know, quilters are among the most generous, kind-hearted people on earth. A talented appliqué group among the Royal Inland Hospital Auxiliary Quilters in British Columbia agreed to stitch the four blocks and four corners. Now it is up to me to assemble the quilt and complete the machine quilting by July 15th!

And wouldn’t you know it? I will be teaching in B.C. this July at the Quilting in the Mountains Festival! While I am there, I will meet these amazing women for the first time and, hopefully, reveal the finished product. What shall we call this second version? “Symphony of Praise”, in honor of the group that worked together to create it? Or how about “Encore of Praise”, for obvious reasons? Cast your vote or maybe you have a better idea! You can follow the progress of this quilt on 3rd Revolution, a new site dedicated to organizing, sharing, and collaborating on projects. And in the weeks to come, I will share more details about how the quilt was designed and made – both of them!

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  1. Hi Sharon,
    Here’s the math on the background yardage calculation.
    For the blocks, you need 4 @ 24” x 24”
    For the tambourine underlays, you need 4 @ 5” x 10”
    I used one fabric for these, called “Background 1”. 24” x 4 = 96” / 36 = 2.6 yards. 2-7/8 yards is called for in the pattern.

    For the background behind the four blocks, you need 2 @ 27-1/2” x 54”.
    For the corner triangles, you need 2 @ 40” x 40”.
    I used a second fabric for these, called “Background 2”. 54” + 54” + 40” + 40” = 188” / 36 = 5.2 yards. 5-1/2 yards is called for in the pattern.

    Your 4-1/2 yards would be enough for Background 1. It would be enough for the background behind the four blocks or for the background corner triangles, but not enough for both.

    I hope this helps you calculate how you can best use the yardage you have, and I wish you all the best with your project!

  2. sharon palmer says:

    i purchased this beauty and am going to jump in.ha. im curious about whether or not 4.5 yards would be enough for background. you said 5.5 but generally its to make sure there is enough. i have only 4.5 of already purchased fabric id like to use. thank you and have a blessed Christmas. Sharon Palmer

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