Tambourine and Dancing

We’ve been taking a closer look at the quilt Instruments of Praise, which was inspired by Psalm 150. So far, we’ve talked about the trumpet block“praise Him with the sounding of the trumpet” – and the lyre block“praise Him with the harp and lyre“. The psalm goes on to say: “praise Him with tambourine and dancing“.

I had this really neat semi-circular motif that I was planning to use in the four corners, but it had a lot of empty space.

Could a half tambourine fit? I thought so. Here is a close-up of the tambourine…

… and here it is with the rest of the corner motif.

The space between the tambourine and the corner motif was filled with a semi-circular trapunto motif.

The tambourine was easy, but “dancing” had me stumped. What does dancing even look like? I wasn’t sure how, or even if, I was going to incorporate a motif for dancing until I came across this line drawing of a ballet dancer.

Borrowing from my sewflakes technique, I fit the ballet dancer into a 45-degree wedge.

By rotating this image eight times, I had a ballet dancer sewflake…

… which was perfect for quilting in the middle of the quilt.

Want to make a version of this quilt? You can! The Instruments of Praise Pattern Pack will be available July 15th from C&T Publishing or my web store.

Available July 15, 2013

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