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Apliquick ToolsOne of the benefits of attending International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas is the opportunity to shop in the vast merchant’s mall and discover new and exciting products. This year, one of the demos that really captured my attention was by a vendor from Spain called Apliquick. She showed us how her appliqué tools could be used for a glue-basted preparation of fabric patches.

First, the appliqué shape is traced and cut out from fusible interfacing. Shown here is the Apliquick product, although I’m sure any light-weight interfacing would work.


Iron the shape onto the wrong side of the appliqué fabric and cut out, leaving a narrow seam allowance.


Apply water-soluble glue to the seam allowance and outside edge of the interfacing.


Here’s where the tool set really comes in handy. The package includes two 8-inch long metal rods, one 1/8″ in diameter and the other 3/16″, both with one pointed end. The opposite end of the narrower rod has a flat tapered surface. The wider rod has two-pronged fork at the other end.


The wider rod is great for holding the patch in place while both ends of the narrower rod are used to turn the seam allowance over the interfacing. The tapered end is particularly helpful for sticking the fabric down.


The prepared patch can be appliquéd by hand or machine.

20131104_85 cropped

I already have a similar tool called the Easy Edge Appliqué Tool, so what made this one so special? What was it about the demo that captured my attention? It was the fact that the patches were miniature!

20131104_85 cropped 2

Check out this circle. 3/16″ with the seam allowances turned under – and that was my first attempt!


The other advantage of this technique is that the appliqué template is a light-weight interfacing, so there is no need to remove it. Unlike freezer paper, the interfacing can remain under the appliqué and stay in the quilt. I look forward to practicing this technique further and discovering a whole new scale in my appliqué!

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  1. I found them at the Quilt Merchant in Winfield, IL

  2. Hi Sherry,
    The distributors are listed on the apliquick website http://apliquick.com/?page_id=827. I live in Canada too – maybe I should look into becoming a distributor myself!

  3. Sherry Fortune says:

    I live in Canada. Where can we buy these tools?

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