Four Years of Blogging!

Another year has passed – where does the time go? – and here we are, celebrating the fourth anniversary of Kathy K. Wylie’s Quilting Blog. The first post was published on November 4, 2009 and now, four years later, this is the 198th. In keeping with tradition, here is our annual retrospective of the top ten most-viewed articles from the past four years.

#10 – Basting a Large Quilt in Sections
2011/02/16 – from #6 last year, 3 years in the top 10

Basting a large quilt can be a challenge, but I have found that working at it in sections makes the job very manageable. Obviously, many people wanted to know how!

#9 – More Machine Quilting Background Fill
2012/03/26 – first time in the top 10

Quilters are continually looking for other creative machine quilting background fill options besides stippling. This post offered a sampling of some other choices.

#8 – Embellishing Quilts #1: Decorative Stitching
2010/08/04 – still #8, 3 years in the top 10

Reviewing The Quilter’s Directory of Embellishments (Sally Holman, C&T Publishing 2006) inspired me to write a series of articles on ways that I have embellished some of my quilts. This post featured decorative stitching.

#7 – More Hexagons in Quilts
2010/10/27 – still #7, 2 years in the top 10

Once we started looking at the use of hexagons in quilt design, I realized that this was a fairly extensive topic. This blog post continued our examination of hexagons and the many creative ways they can be used in our quilts.

#6 – More Triangles in Quilts
2010/07/21 – from #3 last year, 3 years in the top 10

The half-square triangle, or right angle triangle, may be the workhorse in traditional patchwork design but we shouldn’t overlook other types of triangles. This article features equilateral, scalene, acute and obtuse triangles. I suspect some of these types of triangles are used less frequently because they are not as easy to rotary cut and piece. But with specialty rulers, templates or paper foundation piecing, they can be sewn just as easily and successfully as half-square triangles.

#5 Art Concepts for Quilting: Balance Part 1
2011/03/02 – still #5, 3 years in the top 10

What is visual balance and how can it be attained? This article looked at two types of visual balance: symmetrical balance and radial balance.

#4 Split Complementary Color Scheme
2011/12/05 – first time in the top 10

CG Split Complementary Block
As part of a study on color relationships, this post considered the split complementary color scheme. A variation of the complementary color scheme, this arrangement consists of one color and the two colors that lie on either side of its complement.

#3 – Geometric Shapes in Quilts: Squares and Rectangles
2010/06/16 – ↓ from #2 last year, 3 years in the top 10

While considering how the element of shape is used in quilt design, we began with two similar geometric shapes: the square and the rectangle.

#2 – Geometric Shapes in Quilts: Triangles
2010/07/14 – from #4 last year, 3 years in the top 10

After squares, triangles are easily the most used geometric shapes in patchwork quilts. More specifically, it is the right angle triangle – the half-square triangle – that quilters treasure. This type of triangle was the subject of the second most-viewed blog post.

And the #1 Most-Viewed Blog Article from the past four years is…

Geometric Shapes in Quilts: Hexagons
2010/10/20 – still #1, 3 years in the top 10

The series on Art Concepts for Quilting, especially on the subject of shape, was very popular with six articles in the top ten. This article focused on the hexagon.

Thank you for following my blog. I hope it has achieved my goal to inspire, motivate, instruct, and encourage but most of all, to bring you joy!

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