Candle Mat with Glitter Thread

Banner-GlitterGlitter Hologram is a metalized polyester thread, similar to the Mylar used for balloons, from Superior Threads. This hologram thread consists of four layers bonded together and is washer, dryer, and iron safe at medium heat. Available in 24 colors, Glitter Hologram thread is ideal for adding sparkle and dimension to embroidery or quilting.

Our assignment in Lesson #111 from Superior University was to make a candle mat using Glitter Hologram thread. We were instructed to mark a circle and a snowflake design onto one piece of felt fabric and layer it with a second piece. The Glitter thread would be used to stitch the snowflake design. Two spools of Glitter thread were included in my kit: color 104 “24 Karat” (gold) and color 207 “Midnight” (blue/black).

For my first attempt, I stitched the snowflake with a straight stitch using the gold thread on black felt. Even though I went over my stitching twice, I found the thread sunk into the felt and didn’t sparkle as much as I had hoped. I also wasn’t too keen on the fringe we were instructed to cut around the outside edges of the circle.

Candle Mat black feltSo for my second attempt, I used black cotton fabric instead. This time, the hologram thread definitely glittered and the cotton fibers pulled out into a lovely fringe. I had a bit of difficulty getting good tension on the back, however, and wouldn’t want anyone to inspect it too closely.

Candle mat black cotton

Then I wondered how the snowflake design might look with a decorative stitch. I switched to the blue/black Glitter thread and a cream-color felt. I also added a clamshell stitch around the outside edge and trimmed the felt close to the stitching rather than clipping it into a fringe. I was very pleased with the results of my third attempt!

Candle Mat cream felt
Working with metallic threads can present some challenges but a few tips will help ensure success. The top thread tension should be reduced to 1.0 or less, and used with a size #90/14 topstitch needle. It is recommended that Glitter thread come off the spool from the side and that the spool be able to rotate freely. Reduce your stitching speed and you should be able to create wonderful effects with this unique thread.

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