Go Fish

Go Fish - web full

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30″ x 30″
Machine piecing, hand papercut appliqué, machine quilting, hand embellishment

This is no ordinary fish story. Simon had been fishing all night, and hadn’t caught a thing. In the morning, a man came along and suggested that Simon let down his nets one more time. Why should he listen to this stranger? Simon could tell that he wasn’t a fisherman – in fact, he looked like a carpenter.

But Simon agreed. “Because you say so, I will.” Those words changed his life forever. Simon let down his nets, and caught so many fish that the nets began to break!

So when the man told Simon to “Go, fish” for men, Simon knew what he must do. He obeyed. Because you say so, I will.

3rd Place, Level 1 Category, York Heritage Quilters Guild 2005 Members Challenge
Runner-up, Viewers Choice, York Heritage Quilters Guild 2005 Members Challenge

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