Symphony of Praise

Symphony of Praise - web full

Royal Inland Hospital Auxiliary Quilters web

70″ x 70″
Hand appliqué, machine quilting and trapunto, couching, embroidery

Symphony of Praise is a replica of Instruments of Praise, which now resides in the U.S. National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY. Both quilts were inspired by Psalm 150: praise Him with the trumpet, harp and lyre, tambourine and dancing, strings and flute, resounding cymbals.

Appliqué was completed by the Royal Inland Hospital Auxiliary Quilters in Kamloops, B.C. My heartfelt thanks go to Gerry Buchanan, Victoria Gray, Peggy Heath, Earla Horne, Audrey MacKenzie, Sonja Marek, Niki Scallon and Ilene Zurowski. I couldn’t have made this quilt again without them!

Excellence for a Group Quilt Award, 2014 National Juried Show, Canadian Quilters Association
3rd Place,
Theme Category, 2014 HMQS Quilters’ Symphony
Best Traditional Quilt,
2014 AQS Phoenix
1st Place
, Quilts Among Friends, 2013 MQX West

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