2014 Trend-Tex Challenge “Modern Ways”

The modern quilt movement has dominated the quilting media over the past couple years, so perhaps it wasn’t surprising to see the theme for the 2014 Canadian Quilters Association Trend-Tex Challenge: modern ways. As a quilting professional, judge and blogger, I need to stay up-to-date on developments in our industry. What better way to delve into modern quilting than to make a modern quilt?!

The Trend-Tex Challenge is an annual fundraiser for the Canadian Quilters Association, where participants are challenged to create a small quilt or wearable item using five fabrics generously provided by Trend-Tex Fabrics. In keeping with the modern quilting look, four of the five fabrics were solid or close to it. The fifth – a multi-color print – was a doozy!

Challenge Fabrics 2

Modern quilts are often characterized by expansive negative space. I decided to use the white fabric as the background and to fussy-cut pink, blue, and green stripes out of the multi-print. Working intuitively is celebrated in the modern quilting movement, so I placed the stripes in a pleasing arrangement and appliquéd them in place.

Applique Stripes

The rectangular white outlines in the multi-print inspired me to create three mini-quilts using the remaining challenge fabrics. Each was extensively quilted – another modern quilting attribute – and tacked onto the equally densely quilted background.

As I quilted, I came up with this fun little artist statement for my challenge quilt called “Falling in Line”.

When it comes to modern ways, what kind of quilt are you?

A basket case of confusion?

Detail Pink

Stubborn as a brick wall?

Detail Green

A round peg in a square hole?

Detail Blue

Or are you falling in line?

Falling in Line

Whatever your preference, whatever your style,
we are all quilters – there is room for us all!

All entries into the Trend-Tex Challenge will be sold by silent auction. They will be displayed at Quilt Canada in Niagara Falls, ON June 11-14, 2014. Watch the Canadian Quilters Association website for more information about bidding on this and other entries. Modern is fun!


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Kathy. Usually I see the ‘modern’ trend as simplistic designs that are unappealing to me, but you’ve taken it to a different level.

  2. Valorie Spanogle says:

    I think your quilt is amazing! What clever user of the lines fabric. Hay job!

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