Fabric Leaf Bowl with Metallic Thread

Banner-MetallicSuperior’s Metallic #40 is a high-quality metallic thread that can be used for embroidery or quilting. Available in 25 colors, including 2 variegated colors, they claim that it is strong enough to handle longarm machine quilting and commercial embroidery machines. Although metallic threads have a reputation for being difficult to work with, by loosening the top tension down to 1 (for home machines), using the correct needle size such as a Topstitch #90/14 (for home machines) and a size #19 or MR 4.0 (for longarm machines), and using a lint-free polyester thread in the bobbin, we can enjoy using metallic thread in our projects.

Superior Threads uses a special construction method to make their metallic thread vibrant, strong, and smooth. It even comes with a guarantee. By following their simple guidelines, they promise that their metallic thread will work in home sewing machines and longarm machines. I was interested to put it to the test in Lesson #112 from Superior University.

Our assignment was to make a fabric leaf bowl using Superior Metallic Thread to embellish the leaf with satin-stitched veins. We began by placing a sheet of Heat’n Bond Ultra between two pieces of fabric, fusing the layers, and cutting out a leaf shape. Here is my leaf, cut out and embellished.

Leaf flat

Then we stitched the darts closed, using a narrow zigzag stitch, to create the bowl shape.

Leaf with darts

As promised, Superior’s Metallic Thread worked just fine in my home sewing machine. The gold metallic added a wonderful sheen to the veins in my fabric leaf bowl. Don’t be afraid to try metallic thread in your next sewing project!

Leaf with Metallic thread

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  1. Hello, I was wondering if you could recommend any tips or useful sources of information for quilting with metallic threads and with different top/bobbin threads (I always thought they had to be the same!) I’ve been doing patchwork and quilting for about a year, so I’m still learning a lot. I love the look and sparkle of metallic threads, but I find them a nightmare to use! Even when adjusting the top tension to really loose and using the same metallic thread in the bobbin, I either end up with unsightly loops or stripped thread (sometimes both), and the back ends up with fearsome bird’s nests. :/ It’s very frustrating – I can’t imagine being able to do something like your lovely Kimono Silk purse and have the back look that presentable! One of my current projects is a door curtain that I would really like to use metallic thread on for some of the quilting, but both sides will obviously be visible so I would like them both to look good. I am getting my machine serviced at the moment and I’ll invest in some “metallic” needles for it, but any other advice would be greatly appreciated!


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