The Beginning of Time (Quilt)

Making a quilt about time seemed like a great plan. I almost had too many ideas: clocks, calendars, seasons, celebrations. Twelve hours in a day; twelve months in a year. Some quilts practically design themselves, as the inspiration flows seamlessly into shapes and motifs, colors and fabric. Not this one.

My initial concept featured a central medallion divided into twelve equal sections to represent a clock as well as the twelve months of the year. Of course I would look to wrought ironwork to design the framework and was rather pleased with what I came up with. (I even drew it in Adobe Illustrator – a first for me!)

Wrought Iron Circle

Next, I wanted to incorporate imagery to illustrate each “month” – perhaps including birth stones or birth flowers or motifs symbolic of events occurring in that month. But no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get anything to fit in that wrought iron framework. It was too rigid, too great a contrast to the soft organic floral motifs I was trying to add.

So I scrapped that design and went back to the drawing board. This time, I went with softer shapes for the framework. The new design blended harmoniously with flowers and leaves and allowed far greater options for fabric placement. I was hopeful that I finally had a concept I could work with.

New Framework 2

The next big decision was color and fabric. I had picked up a beautiful border print that I thought would make a great focus fabric

Focus Fabric

… and proceeded to pull out a variety of coordinating red, green, blue, gold and cream fabrics.

Choosing Fabric

My plan was to work with these fabrics on a navy blue background. Wrong again. No matter how hard I tried, the colors just didn’t look right until I switched to a black background. Now, I am happy to report, I am well on my way.

When we see a wonderful finished quilt, we don’t see all these false starts and failed attempts – but that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen! Just remember: keep trying but keep your mind open to new possibilities. Eventually, that idea in your head will come to life just the way you imagined.

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  1. Nikki Graninger says:

    Oh my goodness what magnificent work your technique is perfect
    Thank you so much for sharing ?

  2. marie nigro says:

    I LOVE IT !!!!!

  3. BJ MacKinnon says:

    It’s simply beautiful. Can’t wait to see the progress. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful. It reminds me of an old circle cookie box my mother have, with zodiac signs. The box have scratch everywhere on the metal but I can’t help looking at it affectionaly every time I see it.

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