St Patricks DayMarch is the month that welcomes the beginning of Spring. It includes Spring Break – which we are enjoying this week in Ontario – and St. Patrick’s Day. This day commemorates the patron saint of Ireland as well as the celebration of Irish heritage and culture. It is marked with parades, festivals, socials and special church services – and people dressing in green. March is the month of my birth and green is my favorite color – could there possibly be a connection?

In March, the days lengthen in sunlight and we have a time change in which we are required to “spring forward”. With the warmer weather comes early spring flowers and greener grass. We have a sense of newness, rebirth and optimism as dormant plants and shrubs begin to bud, and birds begin to sing once more.

So what does March look like in my time quilt? The birth flowers for the month are the daffodil and jonquil (narcissus or white daffodil). These flowers are synonymous with Spring, the season of rebirth and new beginnings. The word daffodil has its origin in the 1500’s, where it replaced its original name of “affodyle”, which meant “that which comes early”.

Since both birth flowers essentially look the same, it was really just a case of taking the same images and making them in two sizes and two colorways. I chose yellow fabrics for the larger daffodils and lined the petals with white fabric to prevent shadowing. The petals were needle-turn appliquéd; the Apliquick method was used for the wavy shape representing the inside of the cup. A couple embroidered anthers help define that interior space.

Daffodil 1

Daffodil 1

Daffodil 2

Daffodil 2

The daffodils measure approximately 2 inches across; the jonquils are only 1 inch!

Jonquil 1

Jonquil 1

Jonquil 2

Jonquil 2

This is March, in my quilt.

March 2

The gemstone for March is the aquamarine. It is a pale, cool shade of blue said to complement a spring wardrobe. It will be found at the 3 position on the “clock”: the 3rd hour, the third month. Since I am constructing the quilt in quarters, three o’clock lands on a seam line so the aquamarine won’t get stitched down until the quilt is almost completed. But here is a mockup of how it looks on my design wall.

Aquamarine mockup

Quilters and winter-sports enthusiasts may be the only people sorry to see the end of winter. As you begin your spring quilting projects, may you be inspired anew with creativity and fresh ideas. May the road rise up to meet you; may the wind be always at your back; may the sun shine warm upon your face; may the rain fall soft upon your fields; and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand. ~ An Irish Blessing

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.

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