Border Report #2

In the first border report, I explained my rationale for designing an appliquéd border for my quilt about time. It was the best option, allowing me to repeat many of the same shapes and colors found in the center medallion. It would need to have the same scale and level of detail as the rest of the quilt, so that is how I ended up with a border design of 45 patches that repeat 16 times – a mere 720 pieces!

Vines are a recurring element in the body of the quilt. They connect birth flowers to the central medallion…


… and seasonal leaves in the four corners.

Winter leaves

Therefore, it only made sense to repeat that design element. Vines are used in the outer border to create movement and connect the other appliqué elements.

Border Patches 10-12

At this stage, the border is 27% complete with 12 out of 45 patches completed. Only 528 more patches to go – good thing I’m not counting!

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