Border Report #3

We have been tracking the progress of the appliqué on the borders of my quilt about time. In the first border report, we talked about the design parameters of adding interest while maintaining unity. In the second one, we saw how this played out by using vines as a repeating element. Unity is also created by repeating colors and fabrics.

One of the main fabrics in the quilt is an almost-solid royal blue and while it may not be the first color to catch your eye, it definitely plays a dominant, anchoring role. It was, therefore, the logical choice to frame the quilt design. I had an idea to create the illusion that the appliqué twists over and under this outside edge – which then presented a bit of a challenge to sew!

Border Patch 13

As you can see, there are patches that literally go over and under the swirly royal-blue shape. I had to sew down part of the blue patch but leave some of it open for the pieces that would need to go under. I would pin it out of my way…

Prep for Border Patch 14

… so I could stitch each patch in place.

Border Patch 14

It was very satisfying to finally be able to complete the stitching on each royal-blue swirl!

Border Patch 5 completed

At this stage, the border is 31% complete with 14 out of 45 patches completed. And the illusion is starting to take place!

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