Hexies, the Apliquick Way!

Hexagon quilts continue to be popular, with new fabrics giving them a fresh, modern look. They even have a cute new nickname! I learned to sew hexagons together during my first learn-to-quilt class. We were taught the English Paper Piecing method and whip-stitched the patches together by hand. A hexagon block made it into my beginner sampler quilt.

New World English Paper Piecing

I have made two other hexie quilts: one, a very traditional Grandmother’s Flower Garden style…

In the Garden

… and the other, a rather unique take on the color wheel.


Unlike the block in my beginner sampler quilt, the hexagons in these quilts were sewn together by machine. The patches were basted to freezer paper – just like traditional English paper piecing – but sewn together using a small machine zig-zag stitch.

Sewing Hexagon Pairs by Machine

Sewing Hexagon Pairs by Machine

While preparing for an upcoming class on the subject, it dawned on me that it would be even easier to prepare hexies the Apliquick way! Trace and cut hexagons out of Apliquick interfacing instead of freezer paper, then fuse the interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric and use it as a template to cut out the fabric hexie with a seam allowance.

Hexie lined with Apliquick interfacing

Apply Apliquick glue to the seam allowance…

Glue applied to seam allowance

… and use the Apliquick rods to quickly, easily and accurately turn under the seam allowance.

Seam allowance turned with Apliquick rods

In no time, the hexie is ready to go! Best of all, the interfacing can remain inside the prepared hexagon – unlike freezer paper, which needs to be removed.

Apliquick Hexie back

If you have a cutting machine, you could save even more time by using it to cut out the hexagons. Or wouldn’t it be great if you could just purchase the interfacing already cut into hexies? You can! Check them out here.

What will you do with all your hexies? Stay tuned – I have lots of ideas!


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  1. Ruth Wilson says:

    Hi Kathy, If you have the hexies, could you bring me a package when you come to the Appliquick course at Rideau Ferry next week please? Sew exciting! 1/2 inch would be great.

  2. Ruth Wright says:

    Sounds wonderful, can’t wait to purchase
    Thanks so much for great idea

  3. I absolutely loved your class at thimbles & things today! SEW many possiblities!! I cannot wait for you to come back to Orillia. In the meantime, we “six-sided-ladies” will continue to make wonderful EPP creations using our sewing machines thanks to you, Kathy!! It is hard to believe!!!!

  4. Bettyjo says:

    I am excited about the interfacing! I will be waiting to purchase!

  5. kkwylie says:

    Not stiff at all, Nancy. It’s like a layer of light-weight fabric.

  6. Nancy A says:

    I have never heard of this interfacing. How stiff does it make the fabric?

  7. Marilyn Rayner says:

    What a great idea! You’re getting hexies cut from Appliquilt? That would be fantastic!!

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