Appliqué Hexies in Rounds

Applique hexie roundWe have been exploring fast, fun ways to create quilts with hexagon shapes – or hexies, as they are affectionately called. If you’ve missed any of the previous posts on the subject, here are the links:

The option to appliqué hexies opens up some interesting possibilities. This time, let’s see what happens when we join hexies into a round – like in a traditional Grandmother’s Flower Garden – but then appliqué them onto a background fabric.

Prepare your hexagons using your favorite method: freezer paper, Apliquick interfacing, or precut iron-on interfacing.

Seam allowance turned with Apliquick rods

Arrange hexies in a round, with or without a center hexagon, and sew together by hand or by machine.

Arrange hexies

Set up your sewing machine for a blind hem stitch, zigzag stitch or straight stitch.  On my machine, I set the stitch width at 1 and the stitch length at less than 1 and used the blind hem stitch.  Install an appliqué foot.  Choose either monofilament thread with a neutral bobbin or colored thread that matches your fabric.

The blind hem stitch is a series of straight stitches followed by a zigzag stitch. Position the stitch so the straight stitches land on the background fabric beside the hexagons and the zigzag stitch catches the folded edge of the hexagon.

Choose a background fabric for your prepared hexies. Arrange hexies on the background, as desired, and appliqué in place.

Hexie Table Runner

To create the illusion that the background fabric is constructed from hexies as well, prepare half-hexies using a border fabric. Cut some in half lengthwise and some in half crosswise, as needed. Baste the seam allowances around the outer edges but not on the cut edge, as this will be sewn into the border seam.

Prepare half hexies

Arrange the half-hexies on the background so that they are a hexagon-space apart from the appliquéd rounds. Appliqué in place.

Half hexies

To complete the illusion, quilt the missing hexagon shapes in the background fabric. Stay tuned for the completed table runner and pattern, coming soon!

Solid background for hexies

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