Honeycomb Patchwork

The honeycomb shape is six-sided and each side is equal length. It differs from a hexagon because of the angles of the lines.

A hexagon has six equal interior angles of 120 degrees. A honeycomb has two interior 90-degree angles and four 135-degree angles. The fun begins when we start putting honeycombs together and playing with the position of the fabrics.

If four identical honeycombs are cut and sewn together, they form a cross.

Four more honeycombs can be inserted at 45-degree angles to the first four.

Four pairs of honeycombs fit around the first eight.

Then four more pairs can be added.

The resulting block is known as Patchwork of the Crosses, or POTC for short. The patches are sewn together using English Paper Piecing techniques, in the same way as hexies or clamshells. Does that mean that this shape is available precut from fusible interfacing? Yes! I can’t wait to make my first POTC out of real fabric.

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