Broderie Perse

chintz fabric

Broderie perse is a style of appliqué where motifs are cut from a printed fabric and arranged on another fabric in a whole new way. The technique is commonly associated with chintz fabric, which has large individual shapes that can easily be cut out, but it can actually be used with any fabric print.

My first encounter with broderie perse occurred while making a quilt for a fabric challenge. One of the fabrics was covered with autumn leaves.

I cut out leaves, acorns and tendrils and arranged them around my appliquéd pumpkin.

In another quilt, I cut out grapes, leaves and stems from a fabric print to create a grapevine wreath.

With all the beautiful fabrics at our disposal, the design possibilities are endless! I started thinking about using broderie perse with my new fabric line Time After Time. What could we make with all the motifs in this panel?

I ironed fusible web onto the back of the panel and started cutting.

The flowers and leaves and swirls were arranged onto a new background like a collage and here is what I came up with. So much fun!

Watch for kits and a new workshop coming in the New Year!

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