Turning Extreme Inside Points Part 2

In our previous post, we tackled the challenge of turning extreme inside points. Three suggested approaches were attempted: two were successful (dividing the appliqué shape and Apliquick); one was not (lined appliqué). A few days after the article was written, this photo arrived in my inbox.

Pearl Sceviour is an appliqué enthusiast after my own heart. She has been my student in a couple of classes and is now my instructor with this technique of starch appliqué. “I really wanted to challenge myself”, Pearl wrote. This is how we learn new tricks! I asked Pearl if she would be willing to share her process, and here is a third successful approach to turning extreme inside points.

Trace and cut the shape from two layers of freezer paper. Press the freezer paper template onto the wrong side of the fabric and cut out the fabric leaving an edge for turning. Apply liquid starch to the seam allowance with a small paint brush. Regular spray laundry starch can be used but Pearl prefers “Sta Flo” Concentrated Liquid Starch, diluted 10:1.

Turn the fabric edges over the freezer paper with a stiletto and press with the tip of an iron. Pearl uses a Petite Press iron but any small craft iron will do the trick.

Pearl reported that some fraying occurred while stitching the purple starburst. For the orange one, she applied a dab of “fray check” to the inner corner – this kept the fraying to a minimum and gave her a bit of a firmer edge when it came to stitching it out. She also advises that using fabric with a tight weave – such as batik – is key to working with extreme inside points.

Remove the freezer paper – carefully! – before stitching the prepared appliqué shape to the background fabric.

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