Apliquick Turned-Edge Appliqué

Discover the Apliquick method for turned-edge appliqué. The innovative Apliquick tools provide unprecedented ease and precision for preparing fabric for hand or machine stitching – even miniature-sized. If you have always wanted to learn turned-edge appliqué, or struggled with it in the past, this system is for you. Apliquick rods will be available in class so you can try before you buy, but we’re sure you’ll want a set for your toolbox. Award-winning quilter Kathy K. Wylie has specialized in appliqué techniques for over ten years and she hasn’t seen anything like them!


Half-day Workshop – no sewing
Full-day Workshop – hand or machine sewing
Maximum 20 students
Suitable for all levels
Sewing machines are required for machine appliqué in full-day workshop

Apliquick Turned Edge Applique