Scalloped Quilt Edge

It’s not that a plain old binding won’t do. Or maybe it is!

Micro Stippling Tips and Video

How do I make my stippling so small? Find out some tips and watch the video!

More Fun with Hexies and Diamonds

It was so much fun making sample blocks using hexagons and diamonds. Check them out!

Fabric Glue Comparison

Fabric glue has become a valuable commodity in my quilting studio. How do glue sticks compare? Which one will you use? Check out our Fabric Glue Comparison Chart to help you decide.

Honeycomb Patchwork

The honeycomb shape is six-sided and each side is equal length. The fun begins when we start putting honeycombs together and playing with the position of the fabrics.

Canada 150 Pattern

Celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial with this patriotic strip-pieced maple leaf flag quilt. Hang it on the wall or set the table for Canada Day – it will be a great memento of Canada’s 150th birthday!

Clamshell Patchwork

Clamshells are created when half-circle shapes are connected and layered in an offset grid. I have never used this shape to create patchwork – until now.

Hex’s & O’s Table Runner Pattern

This charming table runner is made using precut iron-on interfacing hexagon templates and machine stitching. A quick and easy project that only looks complicated!

More Circle Designs

As I was creating the quilting designs for my current quilt project, I discovered some new circle designs to share with you.

Quilt Canada 2017

Quilt Canada 2017 will be held at The International Centre in Toronto ON, June 14-17. I will be teaching and speaking at the conference and would love to see you there!

Hexies and Diamonds

Hexagons and diamonds have an interesting relationship. Since they both share 60-degree angles, the two shapes can fit together in a variety of ways.

Rose Reversal

Sometimes, in the quilt making process, we realize that something is not quite right. What do we do about it?

Autumn Corner

Autumn descends upon us like falling leaves in a blaze of glorious color, and that is how the leaves are portrayed in the autumn corner of my quilt about time.

Final Border Report

The borders are done! I came very close to meeting my goal of completing the appliqué this summer.

The Apliquick Method for Turned-Edge Appliqué

Here, finally, all in one place: a step-by-step guide to creating beautiful turned-edge appliqué using the Apliquick method.

Appliqué Hexies in Rounds

Let’s see what happens when we join hexies into a round – like in a traditional Grandmother’s Flower Garden – but then appliqué them onto a background fabric.

Border Report #5 and Partial Seams

When appliqué patches overlap, the sewing order is important. Partial seams are a helpful strategy for a variety of tricky situations.

Appliqué Hexies with Setting Triangles

When hexagons are sewn onto a background fabric with the points touching, the space between them creates triangles!

Summer Corner

Summer leaves are green and abundant, and that is exactly how they are portrayed in the summer corner on my quilt about time.

Border Report #4 and Skinny Stems

In this border report, we’ll return to the vines and learn how to stitch very skinny stems.

Scrappy Hexies, by Machine

Modern times have brought along new options for hexies. Let’s see what happens when we arrange the hexies differently, using a variety of scrappy fabrics.

Grandmother’s Flower Garden Hexies, by Machine

Here’s how to arrange hexies in a traditional grandmother’s flower garden setting, using your sewing machine.

Hexies, the Apliquick Way!

Hexagon quilts continue to be popular and they even have a cute new nickname. It dawned on me that they would be even easier to make the Apliquick way!

Border Report #3

To create the illusion that the appliqué twists over and under the outside edge of my quilt about time presented a bit of a challenge to sew!

New Table Runner with Flourish Kits

The Table Runner with Flourish is made from motifs from the award-winning quilt Flourish on the Vine using the Flourish on the Vine Pattern Pack. New kits are now available: short and long table runner kits in colorways 4 and 5!

Spring Corner

In my quilt about time, the seasons are represented by the changing colors of leaves. Here they are in the spring corner.

Border Report #2

Vines are a recurring element in my quilt about time. It only made sense to repeat them in the border.

Quilted Snowflake

We have been exploring a variety of machine cutwork techniques while making fabric snowflakes. Now let’s take a slightly different approach and see how our snowflake would look quilted with cut-away trapunto.

Stained Glass Snowflake Block

What would happen if we placed different colored fabrics in a cutwork snowflake? A stained glass snowflake block, perhaps?

Border Report #1

A quilt border should support and frame the design in the body of the quilt. What kind of frame would be suitable for my quilt about time?