Cutting Fabric Circles

Four methods for cutting fabric circles!

Clamshell Quilt-Edge Finish

A decorative edge finish can elevate a quilt from excellent to extraordinary. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a clamshell quilt edge finish. Watch the video or follow along step-by-step.

Sewflakes Online Class

Sewflakes is now available online on-demand on the Creative Spark learning platform! Create beautiful sewflakes in a wide range of…

Where does creativity come from?

Inspiration is the stimulation to do something creative; creativity is the use of inspiration to produce an artistic work.

Sewing an EQ8 Quilt Design

Follow along step-by-step as we sew our EQ8 design into a quilt.

Making Posies and Wreaths in EQ8

In this tutorial, we will learn how to design a sweet Haku Lei (flower crown) quilt using the PosieMaker and WreathMaker tools in EQ8. Then we’ll use the Print tools to make a pattern for the appliqué wreath and pieced border.

Turning Extreme Inside Points Part 2

Here is a third successful approach to turning extreme inside points, with thanks to guest contributor Pearl Sceviour.

Turning Extreme Inside Points

How would you turn this shape? The question was posed on an appliqué forum recently. I tried making it with the three approaches suggested on the forum and here are the results.

5 Turned-Edge Circle Techniques

Making turned-edge fabric circles can be a challenge. Not only do we need to keep the edges smooth, like on any curved shape, but our eye will detect any irregularities in the form of the circle. It can be done! Let’s take a look at five ways to make beautiful turned-edge circles.

Online Lectures now available

As the quilting world faces a new virtual reality, I have been hard at work preparing online lectures and workshops….

Making a Quilted Frame with a Border Stripe

A border stripe fabric can create a stunning finish to a quilt. Instead of sewing the border stripe directly onto a quilt block, what if it were used to create a frame? A quilted frame could be used to display quilts or photographs or certificates or whatever it is you want to frame.

The Quilt Show Episode 2605

I am so excited to be a guest on episode 2605! The show posted on Sunday, February 23rd and you can watch it for free from March 1-8, 2020!

Broderie Perse

Broderie perse is a style of appliqué where motifs are cut from a printed fabric and arranged on another fabric in a whole new way.

Fussy Cutting Fabric

“Fussy cutting” means carefully choosing which part of the fabric print to cut and place in a particular location. Find out how and why!

Lining Appliqué to Avoid Shadowing

To prevent shadowing, add a lining of plain white fabric to the back of light-colored appliqué patches. But what about patches that are prepared using the Apliquick method for turned-edge appliqué? Will the Apliquick interfacing also serve as a lining to prevent shadowing?

How to Sew a Hexie Flower

An email inquiry got me thinking about hexie flowers with rounded petals. One question leads to another, and we were left wondering how to sew this pretty little flower!

How to Draw a Hexie Flower in EQ7

Six hexagons around a center hexie look something like a flower, but what if the outer edges of the petals were curved to look even more like a flower?

Machine Stitched Clamshells

Fusing clamshells to gridded Pellon interfacing is a great way to hold them in place before machine stitching.

Quilting Clamshells

After making two clamshell quilt tops, how will I quilt them?

Embroidery and Appliqué

Embroidery and appliqué go hand in hand, as they are both needlework techniques. Whether outlining a shape or adding some finer details, embroidery stitches are sure to enhance the beauty of your appliqué.

Perfect Appliqué Placement

Not all appliqué designs require perfect placement. But for designs that rely on symmetry or feature many overlapping and interconnected elements, positioning becomes very important.

How to Make a Quilted Frame

Frames are a great way to display favorite photos and showcase beautiful artwork, including quilts. But what if the frame itself was a quilt?

For Such a Time as This

Three and a half years in the making and 26 blog posts later, the completed quilt is finally revealed.

What’s New in EQ8 Part 2

What else is new in EQ8? New tools for importing fabric, hiding patch outlines and quilt layers, and so much more!

What’s New in EQ8 Part 1

EQ8 upgrades are available beginning October 23rd 2017; new licenses will be available for PC and Mac users as of November 13th 2017. So what’s new in EQ8?

2017 IQA Silent Auction

My entry into the 2017 IQA Silent Auction is called Finding Time, in keeping with the time theme of my entry into the IQA juried show this year.

Memory Quilt #2: His

One of my projects this summer has been to make another memory quilt, this one from the baby clothes of my client’s son.

Memory Quilt #1: Hers

Making quilts out of used clothing dates back to the very origins of quilt making. Today, making quilts from old clothes has less to do with thrift and more to do with remembrance. My first memory quilt was made in 2008 on commission, using fabric from the baby clothes of my client’s daughter.

How long did it take to make that quilt?

This has got to be one of the questions I am most frequently asked. The problem with the question is that there are different kinds of time when it comes to making a quilt.

Scalloped Quilt Edge

It’s not that a plain old binding won’t do. Or maybe it is!