Border Report #3

To create the illusion that the appliqué twists over and under the outside edge of my quilt about time presented a bit of a challenge to sew!

New Table Runner with Flourish Kits

The Table Runner with Flourish is made from motifs from the award-winning quilt Flourish on the Vine using the Flourish on the Vine Pattern Pack. New kits are now available: short and long table runner kits in colorways 4 and 5!

Spring Corner

In my quilt about time, the seasons are represented by the changing colors of leaves. Here they are in the spring corner.

Border Report #2

Vines are a recurring element in my quilt about time. It only made sense to repeat them in the border.

Quilted Snowflake

We have been exploring a variety of machine cutwork techniques while making fabric snowflakes. Now let’s take a slightly different approach and see how our snowflake would look quilted with cut-away trapunto.

Stained Glass Snowflake Block

What would happen if we placed different colored fabrics in a cutwork snowflake? A stained glass snowflake block, perhaps?

Border Report #1

A quilt border should support and frame the design in the body of the quilt. What kind of frame would be suitable for my quilt about time?

Snowflake Quilt Block

Find out how to use the machine cutwork technique for appliqué and make a snowflake quilt block.

Glittery Snowflake

Have you ever noticed how snow appears to sparkle on a bright, sunny day? Let’s bring some of that wintry beauty indoors with a glittery cutwork snowflake.

Winter Corner

Now that we’ve seen how each month looks in my quilt about time, let’s take a look at the seasons! Here is the winter corner.

Lacy Snowflake

For many of us, winter means snow. Why not bring some of that beauty into our homes with a lovely lacy cutwork snowflake?


December is the last month of the year and also the last month featured on my quilt about time.


November heralds the end of autumn. Here’s how it looks in my quilt about time.

Lessons from a Pictorial Appliqué Workshop

There is always more to be learning in this wonderful creative life and here are a few lessons I took away from my talented colleague Kathy McNeil.


October is the pinnacle of the autumn months. Here it is in my quilt about time.

Two New Apliquick Products

Two new products are now available: Apliquick pencils and Apliquick large scissors. Check them out!


September is a time of transition as summer gives way to fall and children go back to school. Here it is in my quilt about time.

Turned-Edge Applique: Challenge #5

We return to our series about the challenges of turned-edge appliqué with the topic of outside points.


Summer holidays draw to a close in August even if summer isn’t quite over. Find out how this month looks in my quilt about time.

Brother Scan N Cut for Applique

Fabric cutting machines are becoming more and more popular with quilters, but they weren’t a good fit for me – until I discovered the Brother Scan N Cut.


The hot, lazy days of summer have arrived. Here is July in my quilt about time.

Turned-Edge Applique: Challenge #4

The fourth challenge we are going to tackle is turned-edge circles. We’ll look at three options: needle-turn, gathered, and Apliquick.


June: the last month of spring and the entrance to summer. What does it look like in my quilt about time?

Turned-Edge Applique: Challenge #3

A smooth turned edge is most commonly an issue along outside curves. Here are some tips for addressing this appliqué challenge.


May is filled with themes of hope and gratitude. Here it is, in my quilt about time.

Meadow Gate

The Meadow Gate pattern is available in the Summer issue of The Canadian Quilter. Kits are available in two colorways – check them out here!

And the Winners are…

I will be giving away a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 11 and an Apliquick Starter Set. And the winners are…

Crazy Daisy

Welcome to the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 11 blog tour! My block is called “Crazy Daisy” and you can applique it many ways.

Apliquick and Wash-Away Appliqué Sheets

Here are the results of testing Wash-Away Appliqué Sheets with the Apliquick method of turned-edge appliqué.


They say April showers bring May flowers, but what flowers are associated with April? Find out here, in my quilt about time.