New Ways to Hexie: English Paper-less Piecing by Machine

When hexagon-shaped patches are arranged in concentric rings around a center, the resulting design is known as a Grandmother’s Flower Garden. This classic arrangement is traditionally done by hand using a technique known as English paper piecing. But modern times have brought along new options and we will explore them in this workshop.

  • Instead of basting hexies to paper (which needs to be removed), baste them to fusible interfacing (which stays inside) the Apliquick way.
  • Instead of tracing and cutting dozens of hexies out of fusible interfacing, purchase them precut!
  • And instead of whip-stitching the patches together by hand, sew them together by machine using a small zigzag stitch.


Half-day or Full-day Workshop
Maximum 20 students
Suitable for all levels
Sewing machines are required

In the Garden Detail

Apliquick Hexie back