How to Sew a Hexie Flower

An email inquiry got me thinking about hexie flowers with rounded petals. One question leads to another, and we were left wondering how to sew this pretty little flower!

How to Draw a Hexie Flower in EQ7

Six hexagons around a center hexie look something like a flower, but what if the outer edges of the petals were curved to look even more like a flower?

More Fun with Hexies and Diamonds

It was so much fun making sample blocks using hexagons and diamonds. Check them out!

Honeycomb Patchwork

The honeycomb shape is six-sided and each side is equal length. The fun begins when we start putting honeycombs together and playing with the position of the fabrics.

Clamshell Patchwork

Clamshells are created when half-circle shapes are connected and layered in an offset grid. I have never used this shape to create patchwork – until now.

Hex’s & O’s Table Runner Pattern

This charming table runner is made using precut iron-on interfacing hexagon templates and machine stitching. A quick and easy project that only looks complicated!

Hexies and Diamonds

Hexagons and diamonds have an interesting relationship. Since they both share 60-degree angles, the two shapes can fit together in a variety of ways.

Appliqué Hexies in Rounds

Let’s see what happens when we join hexies into a round – like in a traditional Grandmother’s Flower Garden – but then appliqué them onto a background fabric.

Appliqué Hexies with Setting Triangles

When hexagons are sewn onto a background fabric with the points touching, the space between them creates triangles!

Scrappy Hexies, by Machine

Modern times have brought along new options for hexies. Let’s see what happens when we arrange the hexies differently, using a variety of scrappy fabrics.

Grandmother’s Flower Garden Hexies, by Machine

Here’s how to arrange hexies in a traditional grandmother’s flower garden setting, using your sewing machine.

Hexies, the Apliquick Way!

Hexagon quilts continue to be popular and they even have a cute new nickname. It dawned on me that they would be even easier to make the Apliquick way!

Sewing Hexagons by Machine

Hexagon quilts are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, with new fabrics giving them a modern look. In a recent class, I was intrigued with the variety and creativity of the fabric combinations.

Even More Hexagons in Quilts

This week we discover the magic that happens when a hexagon is divided into six triangles or three diamonds.

More Hexagons in Quilts

In our study of Art Concepts for Quilting, we have been considering the element of shape.  Last week, we looked…

Geometric SHAPES in Quilts: Hexagons

After a surprisingly long hiatus, we now return to our series on Art Concepts for Quilting. The next geometric shape we’ll consider is the hexagon.

Making the Quilt “Trinity”

My quilt Trinity is currently being photographed to appear in the Gallery of an upcoming book about color. Here is the story of how this quilt was made, using my computer and my ink-jet printer.