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Recorded Lecture – With this option, I will not attend the meeting. I will provide a link to the video file and the guild host will use the screen-sharing function to play the video from their computer.

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The Time of our Lives

Our stitches tell our stories; our quilts leave a legacy. The time we spend with each quilt becomes part of our journey in life, giving us moments of reflection and opportunities for expression. The theme of time has been integral in Kathy’s recent work, as she considers its relationship with the creative life.

This lecture celebrates the joy in the journey,
the quilts along the way,
the time of our lives.


Art of Applique

The Art of Appliqué

Appliqué quilts are among the most beautiful, jaw-dropping, crowd-pleasing and award-winning of all quilts. This lecture is all about appliqué.

Do you marvel over beautiful appliquéd quilts and wonder how they were accomplished? You might be surprised at the number of techniques and methods that can be used to create these masterpieces. This lecture will give you some insight into the various types of appliqué along with stunning photographs and real-life examples.


Beauty is All Around

Beauty Is All Around

Beauty really is all around us and provides a constant source of inspiration. From wreaths to clamshells, papercut-appliqué snowflakes to medallions, you’ll see it all! This lecture focuses on designs that are circular or radiating in nature. Looking at Kathy’s quilts from the past 25 years, you will discover her ongoing fascination working with shapes that are round.


What Do You Do

What Do You Do With Them All?

A frequently-asked question is answered during this presentation.

Oriented towards a mixed audience of quilters and non-quilters alike, you will probably be surprised to discover the many different reasons we make quilts!