Sewflakes: Papercut Appliqué

As featured in Kathy’s book Sewflakes, papercut appliqué is a technique similar to making paper snowflakes. In this workshop, learn from the author how to design these unique snowflakes for fabric, with an emphasis on incorporating recognizable images into the design, and then look at various ways to transfer the design from paper to fabric.

Option 1
fusible or hand appliqué – sewing machines not requiredsupply-list




Option 2
cutwork appliqué – sewing machines required



Full-day Workshop
Maximum 20 students
Suitable for all levels with basic knowledge of quilt making

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Download Master Wedges: To make sure that the wedges print at the correct size, set Page Scaling to none on the Print menu. The 90-degree wedge requires 8½”x 14″ legal size paper.
30-deg 45-deg 60-deg 90-deg