Apliquick Complete Set


A complete set of tools to master the Apliquick method of turned-edge appliqué.

Includes NEW Apliquick rods, 1/2 m. of interfacing, glue stick and tweezers.



A comprehensive set of Apliquick tools to enhance your turned-edge appliqué:

  • Two 8-inch long customized NEW metal rods for turning under the seam allowance for hand or machine appliqué
  • 1/2 meter of 36-inch wide light-weight fusible interfacing. It works as a template and a stabilizer, yet it is soft and light-weight so there’s no need to remove it.
  • A solvent-free, water-based, fabric-safe glue in a handy pen-like shape with a 3/8-inch tip and one refill cartridge. Glue starts out pink and then dries clear in a few minutes.
  • Ergonomic tweezers allow you to maneuver small pieces of fabric with ease – and keep the glue off your fingers!

The appliqué shape is traced onto the fusible interfacing, cut out, and ironed onto the wrong side of the fabric. The Apliquick rods and glue stick are used to easily and precisely turn under the seam allowance before hand or machine stitching.

Save $7 when ordered as a set.

Additional information

Weight .560 kg
Dimensions 26 × 20 × 1 cm


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