For Such a Time as This

Three and a half years in the making and 26 blog posts later, the completed quilt is finally revealed.

Scalloped Quilt Edge

It’s not that a plain old binding won’t do. Or maybe it is!

Rose Reversal

Sometimes, in the quilt making process, we realize that something is not quite right. What do we do about it?

Autumn Corner

Autumn descends upon us like falling leaves in a blaze of glorious color, and that is how the leaves are portrayed in the autumn corner of my quilt about time.

Final Border Report

The borders are done! I came very close to meeting my goal of completing the appliqué this summer.

Border Report #5 and Partial Seams

When appliqué patches overlap, the sewing order is important. Partial seams are a helpful strategy for a variety of tricky situations.

Summer Corner

Summer leaves are green and abundant, and that is exactly how they are portrayed in the summer corner on my quilt about time.

Border Report #4 and Skinny Stems

In this border report, we’ll return to the vines and learn how to stitch very skinny stems.

Border Report #3

To create the illusion that the appliqué twists over and under the outside edge of my quilt about time presented a bit of a challenge to sew!

Spring Corner

In my quilt about time, the seasons are represented by the changing colors of leaves. Here they are in the spring corner.

Border Report #2

Vines are a recurring element in my quilt about time. It only made sense to repeat them in the border.

Border Report #1

A quilt border should support and frame the design in the body of the quilt. What kind of frame would be suitable for my quilt about time?

Winter Corner

Now that we’ve seen how each month looks in my quilt about time, let’s take a look at the seasons! Here is the winter corner.


December is the last month of the year and also the last month featured on my quilt about time.


November heralds the end of autumn. Here’s how it looks in my quilt about time.


October is the pinnacle of the autumn months. Here it is in my quilt about time.


September is a time of transition as summer gives way to fall and children go back to school. Here it is in my quilt about time.


Summer holidays draw to a close in August even if summer isn’t quite over. Find out how this month looks in my quilt about time.


The hot, lazy days of summer have arrived. Here is July in my quilt about time.


June: the last month of spring and the entrance to summer. What does it look like in my quilt about time?


May is filled with themes of hope and gratitude. Here it is, in my quilt about time.


They say April showers bring May flowers, but what flowers are associated with April? Find out here, in my quilt about time.


March is here! The clocks have sprung forward and Spring is right around the corner. Here is March in my quilt about time.


Here we are in February – the month of love – and here is February in my quilt about time.


Since my quilt about time depicts each month of the year, I thought I would wait until that month to reveal it. So here we are, in January.

The Beginning of Time (Quilt)

Some quilts practically design themselves, as the inspiration flows seamlessly into shapes and motifs, colors and fabric. Not this one.

It’s About Time

What time is it? What is it time for? For me, it is time to start a major new quilt project. And this quilt is all about… time!