Presenting “Flourish on the Vine”

Over the past two years, I have been sharing the progress of my latest quilt project in this blog. Here, finally, the quilt Flourish on the Vine is revealed.

Wreath Quilts

My collection of wreath quilts is the subject of my blog this week.

Border Motifs Part 1

Last week, I attached the borders to the center panel of my current quilt project. This milestone seemed the perfect opportunity for an update on this quilt.

Designing Pictorial Quilts using EQ7

Find out how EQ7 – the popular quilt design software from The Electric Quilt Company – can help you create beautiful pictorial quilts.

Border Swags Part 2

Designing the swags for the borders of my quilt “Flourish on the Vine” has been the single greatest challenge in…

Border Swags Part 1

It has been quite a while since I last shared the progress of my quilt “Flourish on the Vine”.  This…

2010 IQA Silent Auction

Each year, the International Quilt Association hosts a Celebrity Mini Quilt Silent Auction at International Quilt Festival in Houston.  IQA…

Center Panel Sections 7 & 8

Here are the last two sections in the center panel of my current quilt project. Sections 7 and 8 run vertically and horizontally along the edges and finally connect all the other sections together.

Avoid Shadowing in your Quilts

Shadowing occurs in a quilt when a darker fabric shows through a lighter fabric. Here are some strategies to help avoid it.

Partial Seams in Hand Appliqué

What is a partial seam? Why is it needed? How, exactly, is it done?

Center Panel Section 6

Time for another update on my current quilt project. Here is section 6, which serves primarily as a connector between sections 5 and 8.

Center Panel Sections 4 & 5

I finished the appliqué on the center panel last week. This has sent me back into design mode as I furiously try to decide what will come next. What better time, then, to share two more sections from my current quilt project.

Appliqué Marking Tools

In this article, we take a closer look at the tools required for marking fabric for appliqué. I have two favorite marking pens plus an accessory that makes the job a whole lot easier.

Preparing Patches for Needle-turn Appliqué

Needle-turn appliqué is my favorite method of hand appliqué. I find it to be very accurate as well as flexible. But a big reason is the ease with which the patches are prepared beforehand. Here is how I prepare the patches for needle-turn appliqué.

Center Panel Sections 2 & 3

I’m still working on my goals for 2010, but it is certain that my current quilt project will be at the top of the list. The center panel is nearing completion, so I thought it was time to reveal a couple more sections.

Easy Edge Appliqué Tool

When it comes to glue-basting seam allowances to freezer paper, I wouldn’t want to be without this handy little tool. It grips, turns, repositions, lifts, smooths and creases. But best of all, it keeps the glue from getting all over your fingers!

Introducing my New Quilt Project

Over the next months, I’ll be sharing my progress as I work on my current quilt project. I started the quilt in June 2009 and have made a fair bit of progress so far. Inspired by the words of John 15, the quilt will be a hand appliqued representation of vines, branches and fruit. This article will introduce my quilt, its theme, color scheme, and layout, and show you the first section in the center panel.