Lapel Stick Fabric Adhesive

There are four ways that I have used glue sticks in the quilt-making process. Let me tell you how I use glue and about my favorite new product for the job: Lapel Stick.

Preparing Patches for Needle-turn Appliqué

Needle-turn appliqué is my favorite method of hand appliqué. I find it to be very accurate as well as flexible. But a big reason is the ease with which the patches are prepared beforehand. Here is how I prepare the patches for needle-turn appliqué.

Easy Edge Appliqué Tool

When it comes to glue-basting seam allowances to freezer paper, I wouldn’t want to be without this handy little tool. It grips, turns, repositions, lifts, smooths and creases. But best of all, it keeps the glue from getting all over your fingers!