Canadian Quilters Association Best of Show

Flourish on the Vine was chosen as the 2013 CQA Best of Show! I receive a lot of questions about this quilt, so I thought I would share some of the more common ones with you here.

Texture Magic

Texture Magic, from Superior Threads, is a steam-activated shrinking fabric made of polyester. The fabric shrinks approximately 30% in all directions when steam is applied.

Koala Studio QuiltMate Plus IV

My dreams for a quilting studio at the cottage included a Koala Studios sewing cabinet.

Quilting Makes the Quilt

Quilting makes the quilt. I couldn’t agree more. It’s also my favorite machine quilting book in my library.

Machine Quilting Books in my Library

As we begin our new blog series on machine quilting, you may be wondering how I learned to quilt by machine. I am mostly self-taught and learned a great deal by reading books written by machine quilting experts. This post will give you a reading list to get you started.

How do you quilt on a home sewing machine?

This is one of the questions I am asked most frequently. It is such a big subject, I have decided to tackle the subject over the coming weeks in a new blog series on machine quilting.

Machine Quilting Thread Part 2

Here is the story behind why I tried some completely different threads in my current quilt project.

Machine Quilting Thread Part 1

I am often asked what kind of thread I use for machine quilting. This week, I will share what I look for in machine quilting threads and what I have enjoyed using in the past.

Quilt as Desired

Quilting is quite possibly my favorite part of the whole quilt-making process. Here is a sneak peek at the quilting motifs in my current quilt project.

Marking Quilts Update 1

Find out about another way to “mark” a quilt for quilting using Simple Foundations Translucent Vellum Paper from C&T Publishing.

Setting up a Workspace for Machine Quilting

It is possible to successfully machine quilt any size quilt on a home sewing machine, but the layout of your workspace will influence your results.

Basting a Large Quilt in Sections

Basting a large quilt can be a challenge, but I have found that working at it in sections makes the job very manageable. Here’s how.

Adding Trapunto to your Quilts

Trapunto adds marvelous dimension to quilts. Judges and viewers alike love to see the extraordinary visual texture it creates. Find out how to add trapunto to your next quilt.

To Mark or Not To Mark

Why have I spent close to 15 hours marking quilting designs on my current quilt project? Especially when I usually go to great lengths to avoid marking? Find out what goes into the big decision: to mark or not to mark.