Finishing Steps: Labels Part 2

In its most basic form, a quilt label identifies the maker of the quilt. But it can be so much more. This article will focus on how to design an ideal label.

Designing Pictorial Quilts using EQ7

Find out how EQ7 – the popular quilt design software from The Electric Quilt Company – can help you create beautiful pictorial quilts.

Adding Fabric to EQ7

There are over 5,000 fabric swatches included in EQ7. But just like with our real life fabric stash, no matter how many choices we have, we are always ready to add more! In this article, I will show you how to add more fabric to your “electronic stash”.

More New Features in EQ7

Last week, we took a look at the many new capabilities in EQ7 for working with images. Here are a few more fun tools that have been added: the Swath Tool and the Serendipity Tools.

EQ7 is Here!

My EQ7 upgrade arrived this past week, so I thought we’d take a break from our series on Art Concepts for Quilting and check it out. Find out some of the great new features in this latest version of the popular quilt design software from The Electric Quilt Company.