Fabric Leaf Bowl with Metallic Thread

Metallic threads have a reputation for being difficult to work with. I was interested to put Superior’s Metallic Thread to the test while making a fabric leaf bowl.

Candle Mat with Glitter Thread

Glitter Hologram is a metalized polyester thread, ideal for adding sparkle and dimension to embroidery or quilting. I used it to stitch snowflake designs onto circular candle mats.

Clutch Purse with Kimono Silk Thread

Kimono Silk is a 100-weight Japanese filament silk thread. I used it to add decorative quilting to a small clutch purse.

Pillowcase with NiteLite Thread

NiteLite Extra Glow is a 40-weight polyester glow-in-the-dark thread from Superior Threads. I used it to embroider decorative elements on a pillowcase.

MasterPiece Cotton Thread

MasterPiece, from Superior Threads, is a 50-weight Egyptian-grown extra-long staple cotton thread. I tested it for piecing, applique and machine quilting. Would I consider switching from Aurifil?

Crafter’s Apron with So Fine Thread

So Fine is a bright and beautiful 3-ply polyester thread available in three weights. I used the 30-weight thread for top-stitching a crafter’s apron.

Memo Book Cover with So Fine and High-Sheen Trilobal Threads

“So Fine” is a polyester thread available in three weights; “Art Studio Colors” is a high-sheen decorative thread. Find out how I used them to make a handy memo book cover.

Applique with Fusible Thread

Charlotte’s Fusible Web is actually fusible thread from Superior Threads. Learn how to use it for applique and find out how to make a Four Hearts A-Flourish wall quilt.

Hedgehog Pin Cushion with King Tut Thread

King Tut, from Superior Threads, is a 3-ply 40-weight cotton thread intended for machine quilting, decorative stitching, and top stitching. I used it to make a hedgehog pin cushion.

Thread Painting with Rainbows

Rainbows, from Superior Threads, is a 40-weight trilobal variegated polyester thread with a one-inch color change interval. I used it for thread painting a handmade fabric postcard.

Bobbin Work with Razzle Dazzle

Razzle Dazzle is a sparkly 8-weight polyester thread made by Superior Threads. Due to its thickness, it isn’t intended to be used in the sewing machine needle but to be used for couching or bobbin work.

Thread Tension

When it comes to machine quilting, the stitches are visible on the front and the back. Good thread tension is critical.

Machine Quilting Needles and Thread

Before we begin machine quilting, we must choose needles and thread. The humble sewing machine needle plays a significant role in the success of our machine quilting; thread is an important design decision that has a huge impact on the look and feel of the completed quilt.

Machine Quilting Thread Part 2

Here is the story behind why I tried some completely different threads in my current quilt project.

Machine Quilting Thread Part 1

I am often asked what kind of thread I use for machine quilting. This week, I will share what I look for in machine quilting threads and what I have enjoyed using in the past.